Sunday, 20 July 2014

Garden Pea and Bison Soup

This week I picked all my shelling peas from my garden! Then I had to figure out what to do with them, so I made this tasty soup. I even used some kale from my garden too! As the peas were fresh from my garden, the soup turned out extremely flavourful and delicious, so I thought I would share it with you all! This recipe is pretty easy and quick for those days where you are short on time.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

4 Reasons to Buy Quality Food

photo by theforumnews on flickr (photo unaltered) license: attribution-noncommercial-noderives

Do you make sure the food you are eating is good quality?
There are many reasons why it is important to make sure your food is organic, fresh, and local. Here are 4 reasons to make the extra effort.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Art of Saying Nothing

photo by RebeccaBarray on flickr (photo unaltered) license: attribution-noncommercial-sharealike

Have you ever received unwanted advice or suggestions about your diet or lifestyle? Although the person offering advice is usually someone just trying to help, it can feel like a personal attack. Most of us have been on both ends of this situation, and it can be frustrating for everybody involved. As with any subject you are knowledgeable about, it can be difficult to not share your opinion when the subject comes up. But it's different when it comes to nutrition and health. What you choose to eat is personal and can also be based upon religious or ethical beliefs; not necessarily what is healthiest.
Read on for 3 ways to avoid this social faux pas.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Carrot Cake Larabars

I used to love Larabars when I first started eating grain-free, but then I found out that I am allergic to nuts. I had to invent my own nut-free Larabar recipe; because sometimes you just need a quick and easy snack! You can throw these in your freezer and they will be ready to go whenever you need them. I am pretty happy with this recipe because it is delicious and it even contains greens; take that, larabar!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Surviving Seasonal Allergies Without Drugs

Photo by Straaf on flickr. License: Attribution

It is that time of year where many of us, myself included, are suffering from seasonal allergies such as hay fever. Hay fever is a type of seasonal allergy specific to grass pollens. Seasonal allergies are generally due to allergic reactions to the pollens in the air during spring and summer months. The usual symptoms include itchy/watery eyes, sneezing, running nose, sore throat due to post nasal drip, sinus inflammation, puffy eyes, and general congestion. For those of us who have it, it can be pretty rough. When your nose feels like its on fire and your eyes only get 10 times itchier every time to try to rub them, it can be pretty tempting to reach for the anti-histamine drugs such as Claritin. But loading up on drugs isn't exactly great; they often have side effects and when they wear off you are back where you started! The good news is that there are alternative methods to treating seasonal allergies. Treating allergies naturally often gets down to the root of the problem and nourishes our bodies at the same time. In this article we will explore alternative allergy relief.